Organization hosts car show for inner city children at risk

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - On Sunday, the CSRA Help organization hosted a car show  with free food and entertainment so children in the area could come out and have fun. Organizers said many local kids are exposed to crime at a young age and they're trying to change that.

"A lot of older residents asked if we could help with the guns and the violence. Many of them were scared to go out of their house," said Woody Merry, a member of CSRA Help.

In an all out effort to clean up the streets in the Harrisburg community, members of CSRA Help say noticed local children were exposed to crime on a daily basis.

"We're dealing with children at risk. We're trying to expose them to different activities, different functions that go on in the community they'll see there's more than the gang life or living in the projects. We want to help them aspire to do better," Merry told WFXG.

They launched a Children at risk project to create a better living environment for the neighborhood kids, and to give them some fun things to do.  

"We noticed there's a lot of children that didn't know how to play. They didn't know how to do things. They were just stuck in the system. They're playing gangs and a lot of bad stuff and they were influenced by gangs," said Merry.

Dozens of children spent the day marveling over antique and muscle cars from the Road Angel Car Club. Merry hopes that through their outreach project, they can inspire local kids.

"We're trying to expose them to different things that they might not be exposed to otherwise and a car show in Harrisburg is completely different."