Boshears Skyfest brings in business for local vendors

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Planes filled the runways and the sky this weekend at Boshears Skyfest. The event brought out huge crowds, and for Amanda Dion this wasn't her first time at the show, but it was for her two young sons.

"I came when I was little and got to fly in the planes and stuff like that, and so I wanted to bring them out so they could get to see it too," she says.

After initially being canceled in October because of the government shutdown, Dion is glad the event got rescheduled and says this event is great for the city and the vendors.

"I've seen a lot of local business and stuff like that around here so I know that's good for them to get their name out there," Dion says.

This includes businesses like the one Jack Albergotti runs. His Cajun food stand is a crowd favorite and he says events like this are what draw in the big crowds.

"People really enjoy air shows. They bring their chairs, sunscreen, they don't bring coolers inside so they trade with the vendors," he says.

And he feels the date change hasn't stopped the crowds from coming out.

"I know it's been a change in date has thrown the crowd off a little bit, but the planes have been great, the exhibits are great, and looks live everybody is having a great time," Albergotti says.

And as the planes take off, people of all ages get to finally enjoy the show they've been waiting for.

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