Greek organizations host fair for local people with disabilities

Fraternities and sororities at USC Aiken spent their Saturday hosting a fair for local people with disabilities.

Tri-development employees told that their consumers don't get much social interaction - so events like these mean the world to them.

"As a mother of a special needs child, I don't have words to say thank you big enough," said Bonnie Fulghum.

Bonnie volunteers for the Tri-development Center in Aiken, and it warms her heart to see students spending their weekend making sure local people with disabilities enjoyed their Saturday.

"We are so delighted for this partnership and that students are wanting to give back to their community, particularly those with special needs," Bonnie said.

Tri-Development consumers, employees, and USC Aiken students spent the majority of their afternoon playing games, winning prizes, and just hanging out, enjoying each others company.
Alexander Faubert and Chris Lucas organized the fair, and they say it was definitely worth it.

"Consumers from tri development have got to come out, have a really good time, and get some social interaction that they might not always have access to," said Lucas.
"We wanted to come together as one and benefit Aiken, and show Aiken why Greek life is good for the town," Faubert.

Bonnie applauds the fraternities and sororities for a job well done.

"For them to give back and do this wonderful, special thing, and time is precious and that's what they gave us today was their time."