Firefighters run in first ever FireK

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Firefighters and people from across the CSRA got together this morning for the first ever Fire K, a 5K run where teams of firefighters ran in full equipment. The race benefits Code3 for a Cure, a group that helps firefighters with cancer pay for their medical expenses.

Alex Murray, an engineer for the Burke County Fire District and a Code3 for a Cure representative, says it's crucial to help raise money for those battling any form of cancer.

"There's a one in three chance firefighters will end up with cancer, so it really awakens the need for a progressive cancer legislation," he says.

The race came to the CSRA after some local firefighters ran in one in South Carolina last year, and firefighter Phillip Weathers says there are firefighters here who will benefit from the race today.

"We know firefighters in the local area that have cancer diagnosis and are struggling with the associated medical debt, and we thought somebody needs to do an event for them," Weathers says.

The firefighters were in full gear, which weighs an extra 65 pounds, and ran the full 5K alongside the other runners. But they don't mind running in the gear because it's for a good cause.

"It's great that people would give up their weekend to come out for an event that we're doing also," says Scott McChesney, a firefighter for SRS.

"It's great to come out here and see other firefighters in gear. A lot of times when we run these events, there's only two or three of us in gear," says Murray.

"These are the guys that support us every single day, you know they strap it on and go to work for us, and it's nice to see people step up and do the same for them,' Weathers says.

The race will hopefully become an annual event and will continue to give back to those men and women who help the community each day.

To donate to Code3 for a Cure visit their website.

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