SRNL celebrates milestone of designation

SRNL celebrates milestone of designation

SAVANNAH RIVER SITE, SC (WFXG) - "10 years ago, this was one Hell of a fight."

And 10 years later, Senator Lindsey Graham said he is pleased with the work that the Savannah River National Laboratory has done.

"I couldn't be more pleased because it validated what we were trying to prove to the department of energy; that if you give us this prestigious title and we can deliver."

Only a few in the country, the Savannah River Site stands apart from the other labs in the nation.

"It's taken 17 sites to clean up the legacy of the cold war and we're working closely with the folks here, to share lessons learned and innovation that they bring to solving problems at Savannah River and using that information to solve problems at other sites." 

SRNL leaders said they will expand, creating jobs for the area.

"There will bring jobs within the national laboratory but more importantly as you grow, the commercial sector here locally, then many of them will put their facilities here locally as well and those jobs are expanding on the ones that grow within the national laboratory."

The program included a panel with members of the board of directors and a lunch for both SRNL employees and the public.

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