Mom begs school board to intervene in son's welfare issues

Mom begs school board to intervene in son's welfare issues

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County mother Melanie Lee is going public with her struggle to get help for her son.

She went before the Columbia County Board of Education on Tuesday night to make her case.

Lee said she has contacted the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, and her son's school after he made threats to students, drew disturbing drawings, and threatened self harm.

Police reports document her claims to the Sheriff's Office.

She's hoping that by going before the board, someone will finally intervene before more trouble arises at school.

"He has been displaying several attempts of crying out for help," said Lee. "These issues first started at Cedar Ridge Elementary in 2012 when he was reported by school officials, that he tried to commit suicide, at age six."

After her speech, a school board representative did approach Lee and assured her they would take a fresh look at the issue first thing in the morning and give her a call.

Lee is not the only parent in our area dealing with custody issues and the welfare of her child, according to Atlanta-based My Advocate Center.

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