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Opponents of SB 1070 celebrate another victory


It's another blow to supporters of SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration enforcement law.

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear arguments on another key piece of the legislation, which means it will not be allowed to take effect.

Governor Jan Brewer told reporters that the Supreme Court ruling infringes on a state's responsibility to enforce public safety.

Brewer was hoping to make it a state law to illegally transport, or harbor illegal immigrants.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court, basically said, that job is for the federal government.

"I don't understand the reason they ruled in the manner in which they ruled," said Brewer. "It's still federal law. They just didn't like us having our own law. It's still against the law, as far as I'm concerned."

Tuesday afternoon, opponents of SB 1070 gathered for a rally, to celebrate another victory.

"What the Supreme Court is saying is that you cannot racially profile, period," said community activist Salvador Reza. "Judge Bolton said it very clearly, and the Supreme Court is saying it clearly. I think it's time for Arizona to come back into the 21st century and stop racially profiling."

The only key portion of SB 1070 that is still enforceable, allows law enforcement officers to check someone's immigration status, if they are stopped for a possible offense, or have been arrested, Reza said.

"The Supreme Court rulings have sufficiently narrowed the issue," said Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery. "There is no debate whatsoever about who is responsible for taking care of border security and immigration enforcement."

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