Haley tours SRS, backs SC's lawsuit filed against DOE

Haley tours SRS, backs SC's lawsuit filed against DOE

SAVANNAH RIVER SITE, SC (WFXG) - Governor Nikki Haley says South Carolina won't back down from a lawsuit they filed against the United States Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration in regards to the mixed oxide fuel, or MOX, project.

"South Carolina is not going to be a dumping ground. We're not going to allow that to happen," Haley said in a press conference Monday afternoon. "They either have to let us do the job that they asked us to do or they need to take it and let us go on with our business."

In 2002, Congress passed a law mandating the MOX project be built at Savannah River Site, which Gov. Haley toured today.

However, recently, President Obama and the NNSA placed the MOX on cold stand-by, essentially shutting the project down because it's at least $3 billion over budget.

"What was supposed to be an opportunity in energy, has turned into a situation where, if they're not going to finish the facility, they need to go ahead and take this," Haley said.

Governor Haley said the plutonium fuel factory would provide employment and limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia.

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