Remembering the religious roots of Easter

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - Easter is the most popular holiday in spring and also one of the most profitable for businesses. And Father Kurt Miller with the Church of Atonement in Hephzibah says it's because of our consumer driven economy.

"Its the idea that people, you know, can make money," he says. 

Father Miller says people need to remember in addition to the candy and spring fashion that comes out, this holiday also holds religious significance.

"We're just trying to get you in here to worship and also to focus on God and focus on your relationship with him," he says.

Father Miller says this is a good time to remind kids and teens that the day isn't just about the candy the Easter Bunny brings, but about being actively involved in local churches and the community.

"Through their interactions with the scriptures and with understanding why we worship what we worship and those things that take place. It's all about them understanding and relating with the word of God," he says.

Father Kurt hopes today has an impact on the youth and adults to help make this world a better place.

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