Kayak tours begin as weather warms up

Kayak tours begin as weather warms up

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With the weather beginning to warm up, one Augusta business man is getting ready for kayak season!

Tour guide Cole Watkins takes visitors and people from all over the CSRA onto local bodies of water, to explore the natural features of our area, especially the Savannah River.

It all started from a school assignment but now it's a profitable business.

"The Savannah River is great, I tell people that all the time, especially for first timers," said Cole Watkins. "People go out there for their first time and it's so easy to pick up. It becomes a hobby for people of all ages, both young and old."

To schedule a tour or for more information, visit Watkins' web site: http://www.colewatkinstours.com/.

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