Columbia County crunching numbers after ice storm clean up

Debris cleanup after the ice storm is done now in Columbia County and FEMA could reimburse them for the cost.

EMA Director Pam Tucker said, "I think we're going to be looking at roughly 7 million or more total."

In the first 30 days, Columbia County Emergency Management said the county paid 3.6 million dollars for cleanup.

Tucker said FEMA came in two weeks after the storm and looked at 28 roads. Columbia County is now filing their first claim for reimbursement.

Tucker said, "We did audits with FEMA Wednesday and today we are going through 18 hundred debris tickets just to verify that everything matches so we can get the reimbursement from FEMA."

Still, the ice storm hit the county hard and even with FEMA's help, there's still going to be cost to the county.

Tucker said, "If I have to guess, out of the 7 million, we would be looking at maybe 400 thousand to 500 thousand. Our cost will be minimal."

But Tucker said right now, they're celebrating a milestone.

Tucker said, "All the debris has been cleared 100 percent of our 48 zones. Now it's being mulched and hauled out of the county. It will take 3 or 4 weeks just to complete that process."

Tucker said they'll file a second claim after the first, to cover the 31 to 90 days of cleanup after the storm.