Edgefield Co. man upset over how neighbor treats pets

EDGEFIELD COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - One man is upset with the way he says his neighbor is treating his animals.

"I just feel in my heart that that's no way to take care of an animal."

This concerned neighbor is referring to cats locked in boxes in a nearby backyard in his neighborhood.

He didn't want his identity to be revealed but he insists this kind of treatment just isn't right.

"They can't get out and play. They can't exercise. They just have to be going through a mental state and I think that it's very unfair to an animal to put him in a box and lock them up."

In the yard, we spotted at least at least 7 different cats in cages but when we knocked on the owner's door, we got no answer.

The neighbor, who rescues animals, told us of a previous encounter he had with the home owner.

"I talked to him as a neighbor and I said 'sir, what are you doing with the cats here' and he said, 'I rescued these animals' and I figured that 'if you rescued them, what you rescue them from?' If you take a cat and put it in a 3 by 4 box, that's not rescuing it. That's putting it in captivity."

Again, we did try to contact the home owner repeatedly but we got no response.

We did reach out to several agencies both in Edgefield County and North Augusta and they all said that as long as the owner was feeding the animals and not harming them, he wasn't in violation of any law.

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