Augusta runner to return to Boston after deadly attack

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Who can forget the senseless tragedy that struck Boston just one year ago?

"Suddenly the first bomb went off, and we were kind of stunned," remembered Dr. Michael Rogers.

He had just finished the Boston Marathon when the devastation began to unfold.

"I looked at the guy next to me, and said 'I think they just blew up the grandstands' and then of course the second bomb went off," said Rogers.

Despite the lives lost, and countless injuries, Rogers said he will be back next week to run again.

"Well, I'd always thought I would go back," he explained. "But my daughters, I have three daughters, and they encouraged me not to."

But despite their insistence, he's standing with the residents of Boston.

"We can't let the terrorists win," Rogers said. "We've got to go on with our lives, and I think this will be an ongoing thing, in the world today."

Bostonians are preparing to welcome the out of town guests with open arms, and extra security, according to Emerson College journalism student Elliot Friar.

"We're just showing the strong city that we are," said Friar. "Basically, everyone is walking around with their Boston Strong shirts on."

And even though last year's marathon ended with heartbreak, both said they will help this year show just how strong the nation is in the face of adversity.

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