NASCAR NOTES: Harvick Captures Second Win at Darlington

NASCAR NOTES: Harvick Captures Second Win at Darlington
Photo Credit: 297377NASCAR Via Getty Images
Photo Credit: 297377NASCAR Via Getty Images

PHOENIX, AZ (WFXG) - There used to be a country song that said, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." That had to be the battle cry for Kevin Harvick and his No. 4 team after they dominated Phoenix in the second race of the season.

They have been fast at every track this season only to have a mechanical failure keep them out of victory lane. However, with his win Saturday night in Darlington, Harvick locks his team into the Post Season Chase with its second win of the 2014 season.

Many teams might have gotten bogged down in their misfortunes but, not Kevin's new team. In fact, they just picked up a higher gear and kept rolling.

"Just proud of all my guys for everything that they've gone through over the last five or six weeks," commented Harvick on his new team. We've had cars this fast, and we just have had some things go wrong."

Although the victory was just the right medicine for the No. 4 team, the win at Darlington was something that had been on Harvick's bucket list for a long time.

"To win the Southern 500 and you look at the names and pictures on that trophy that they have out there is something that's pretty phenomenal to be a part of," grinned Kevin when talking about his win.

With adding Darlington to his resume, Harvick now has won what equates to the NASCAR Grand Slam.

"Whether it be Indy or Daytona or Charlotte or All-Star Race or the Southern 500 now is something that some people don't get to experience at all in their careers, but to celebrate them all is something that's pretty phenomenal, continued Harvick on his career highlights.

With a Chase slot virtually locked now, Harvick knows that his team has to keep pressing in order to notch that last jewel in a driver's crown. That being a NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

"There's a lot of things that still need to be worked on, but even on a good team," continued Harvick on his team's future focus. "If you're sitting on your hands, you're getting ready to get passed because this is a competitive garage."

We sometimes forget that Kevin is driving for basically a new team and they have a lot to improve on as an organization. However, with two wins in the bank so early in the season, look for the No. 4 team to start preparing for that Championship run.

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