Adopta-Paw-Looza brings dogs to downtown

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A three-month-old puppy is at the Augusta Common today looking for a home after Judi Speck, the woman who found him, didn't know if he would make it through the night.

"I was going along the riverwalk and down towards the marina and the boathouse, they have a little path there, and coming back I stopped running and looked and made eye contact with a little puppy," she says.

He was emaciated and could barely stand up, but with some help he is out here with ten other dogs hoping to be adopted.

Lee Scott with That's What Friends Are For Inc says sights like that are common in the CSRA.

"We see so many neglected and abused animals," he says as he pets his own rescue dog.

And even if you can't adopt a puppy, there are other ways to help according to event organizer Dennis Briatico.

"Spay and neuter number one, adopt don't shop, and investigate a rescue before you give them your money," he says.

"We need people to go around and sponsor these dogs, you know, be foster parents that will allow the dogs to be in their home and their lives for a while until they find a forever home," says Scott.

Three puppies were adopted today, including the one Speck found by the river. Briatico says that's the most important part of the whole day.

"It's not how many dogs you can adopt in a day, it's getting out and being positive," he says.

And with more events like this, hopefully more dogs in the area will be adopted into good homes.

To help support That's What Friends are For and to find out more about the organization visit their website

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