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Hospital selfies all the rage


If you have a cell phone you probably take at least one selfie picture a day. This self-centered form of self-expression is extremely popular among teenagers. Now, two 'hospital selfies' are making headlines in unexpected ways. 

A teenager who survived a mass-stabbing at his Pittsburgh-area high school and another who survived a fiery California bus crash have posted selfies that have many people questioning how appropriate they are.

"I think that's how they're comfortable processing a tragedy," said psychiatrist Michael Yasinski. 

Yasinski said today's teenagers rarely speak on the phone or have in-person conversations. 

"Texts, social media; it's almost how people have become used to communicating," he continued. 

Yasinski said he was not surprised when he saw a Pennsylvania student saying he was "Chillin' at Children's (Hospital) in a picture that showed a bandaged, wounded arm. The student was slashed by a 16-year-old suspect at a Pittsburgh-area high school.

"It's kind of a confidence booster to lift themselves up to say you know I survived this. I'm OK. I'm not going to let the other guy who did this win this," said Yasinski.

Another student survived a massive fiery wreck in Northern California. Ten other people, including five students, died. That student posted a picture to a social media account as well. 

"I think that's maybe venturing into the attention realm," said Yasinski.

"I don't think the kid that's doing it is perceiving it as inappropriate. But certainly they need education in my opinion of what is and isn't appropriate in today's society," he continued. 

Yasinski said it's up to parents to tell their children proper social media etiquette. 

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