Visitors find comfort at local hotels during Masters Week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Places like Comfort Suites are welcoming people from all over the world who have been looking forward to Masters week.

"I've followed the Masters for the last 40 years since I've been playing golf," said Paddy O'Brien, who is from New Zealand. "It always looked like a fantastic tournament on the television. I've always wanted to go there and see in real life."

Finally, he and his wife made it to Augusta to do just that.

"I'm finally retired now and got the opportunity to do it so here we are and we're really enjoying it," said O'Brien.

"It's been a bucket list for many years hasn't it," Ngaire O'Brien said.

The two chose Comfort Suites off Riverwatch Parkway using a company in New Zealand to make those arrangements.

"It took a bit of arranging," Paddy said. "It's been a full time job, hasn't it?"

"I spent about the last three months getting it all organized," Ngaire said. "Following up and making sure everything that was supposed to happen, was going to happen and hey, it did."

Comfort Suites employees like Tammy Stokes say welcoming people like the O'Briens is what she enjoys most.

"I love meeting all the different people from different places, getting to find out where they're from, see who's from the states, see who's from out of the country," Stokes said. "The people are just my favorite part of the whole thing."

Comfort Suites has added complimentary meals and drinks for their guests and, like many hotels, is booked to capacity for the rest of the week.

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