Smart house of the future gives added security

Smart house of the future gives added security

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Hundreds of thousands of people will touch down in Augusta during Masters week, and for many - especially those who are renting out their homes - security comes into question.

A representative from Comcast says the smart home of the future includes a home security and monitoring system that allows homeowners to adjust lights, cameras and alarms - all using their smart phones.

Such smart home technology also offers a complex alert system if someone breaks into your house. It also allows consumers to remotely view video taken from cameras placed around their home.

They also have the option to set the alarm automatically at certain times of the night or to set a front-door camera to record video whenever someone opens the door.

"You have hundreds of thousands of people coming to town and I think home security, at a time like this, is more important that ever. So, it's something worth considering," Alex Horwitz, the VP of Public Relations for Comcast. "It's good to know that during a week like this, that your home is secured and safe, and if you happen to be one of those customers who is renting their house out, and leaving town, even more important to know that your home and property is being well taken care of back at home."

Horwitz says the installation doesn't take long and the system costs about $30 a month.

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