Suspects arrested in fatal shooting

Deputies responded to a shooting at the BI-LO plaza around 10:30 last night. When they arrived they found the body of 35-year-old Michael Hanson.

Ricardo Jones, John Scarboro, and Bartrell Griffin are being charged with robbery and murder. Jones and Scarboro have been placed in the Charles B. Webster Detention Center. Griffin will be arrested as soon as he is released from the hospital.

"Its crazy. I just want to go get some groceries, and I have to look over my shoulder. That's not good," said Markiss Trembell.

An off duty deputy was in the area when he heard gun shots coming from the parking lot of the BI-LO plaza. He followed a suspicious car to the 2100 block of cook road. The car stopped and 2 men were arrested and another was taken to the hospital because he was suffering from gunshot wounds.
Shoppers that frequent the grocery store admit that the crime in the area concerns them.

"It makes me nervous, sometimes I'm away from my family a lot, you know having to work, and I'm always thinking about their safety," Damien Clark told      WFXG.

The coroner says Hanson was pronounced dead on the scene. According to officials, the shooting appears to be drug related. Damien Clark lives right across the street from the Bi-Lo, and he worries about his wife and two young kids who shop at the store.

"it makes you like, man, what can I do? I have to go to work and take care of the family but I can't be with them all the time," Clark said.

He's hoping that the community wises up, so things like this don't happen anymore.

"I just hope that everyone in the community would try to come together and decrease all the violence and the hate, it's time out for that," Clark said.