Blood donations needed in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Pause for the Cause Blood Drive was held Friday afternoon.

People had a chance to donate blood at the mobile unit on Broad Street to help benefit the Shepeard Blood Center.

Representatives with the center say donations tend to drop this time of year because a lot of people are taking vacations.

Greg Bearden, the assistant director of community resources for the center, says it's key people come out and donate because the need for blood stays the same or even increases.

"We like to say sometimes that every day is an emergency for someone, and that emergency can come at anytime," Bearden said. "So that's why it's important that faithful donors donate every time they're eligible, coming into the centers on a consistent basis to keep the blood supply ready for whatever may happen."

There will be a community-wide blood drive on April 24 at the First Baptist Church of Augusta on Walton Way, and Bearden asks everyone that is able to donate blood come out and support the cause.

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