Deputies to enforce Masters badges exchange rules

Deputies to enforce masters badges exchange rules during the week

Augusta National Golf Club (WFXG) - The signs to buy and sell Masters badges are appearing left and right, but there is one thing to make sure of: you're in the right space.

Richmond County deputies say anyone caught buying, selling or exchanging Masters badges within a 2,700-foot boundary around the Augusta National could face misdemeanor charges.

If you are confused about the space, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office has measured an illegal area for you.

That area stretches between Washington Road Taco Bell and Calhoun Expressway,  and also between Wheeler and Smith Creek Roads in the National Hills neighborhood.

This rule apples for licensed brokers as well.

Officials plan on going out once or twice during Masters week to ensure brokers have a state license and written consent to be on the commercial property where they are set up.

Brokering badges is legal as long as the buys and sellers have correct paperwork and are not within the 2,7000-foot boundary.

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