Changes coming to administration at Richmond County schools

Changes coming to administration at Richmond County schools

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With a roll call vote, changes were approved for administration at several Richmond County schools.

Greg Thompson will become the new principal for the alternative school; Stacy Mayberry will take the reins at Butler High School; Shelly Allen will become the new curriculum director; Goecelyn Williams will head up Freedom Park; Sego will see Pauline Andrews take charge; Loraine Williams will become principal at Hephzibah High; and, Doug Frierson was approved as the new principal for Hepzibah Middle.

"Dr. Frank Roberson wanted to move people into schools that would make the schools have progress," said board member Jack Padget, Jr.

Padgett said the board's discussions in executive session are mostly off the record, but he did discuss the timeline for the changes.

"All of this will be for the coming school year beginning in Augusta," said Padgett. "Some of the people, if they're 12 month employees, will begin the new positions July 1."

As for the current administrators of the schools: while officials couldn't confirm their new assignments, the school board said it shouldn't be looked at as a demotion, and they will make their current contract pay for the next year.

"I wouldn't consider any of it a demotion, it's to put people in a position they've worked in or had before that worked really well," said Padgett.