Fort Gordon issues statement on Fort Hood shooting

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Fort Gordon released a statement to the media Thursday, after Spc. Ivan Lopez opened fire Wednesday at Fort Hood in Killeen, Tex.

"The thoughts and prayers of the entire Fort Gordon community are with our fellow soldiers and families at Fort Hood," J.C. Matthews with Fort Gordon Public Affairs said in a statement. "An incident like this affects all of us who serve, and we stand with them in the wake of yesterday's shooting."

"Regarding the security of our own installation, we do not comment on specific force protection measures taken to ensure the safety of our community," Matthews said. "However, we are constantly re-evaluating our procedures in the light of current events, and we will make adjustments to better protect our installation if we feel they are needed."

Fort Hood Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said suspect Spc. Ivan Lopez could have been suffering from "an unstable psychiatric and psychological condition."

Lopez had served in Iraq in 2011 and reported having a traumatic brain injury, according to Lt. Gen. Milley. His injury was not determined.

An anonymous service member said, "It's a terrible tragedy and it truly hurts that a soldier would carry out such an act of violence against his fellow brothers-in-arms."

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