High 5 4 Kids: Mackayla Caudill

WILLISTON, SC (WFXG) - 10-year-old Mackayla Caudill loves to cheerlead.

Caudill said, "When I started working on my back handspring, I was glued to it. I just all of the sudden felt committed to getting it and committed to cheerleading."

But Caudill doesn't just tumble and stunt. She's in the gifted program at school and gets straight A's. Her family said the lowest grade she's had so far in school is a 95 percent.

But when it comes to friends, Caudill said she prefers to hangout with boys. Girls, she said, haven't always been so nice to her.

Caudill said, "I was put in a [cheerleading] stunt at school, when one of the girls came up and pushed me down."

She landed on her neck, but got back up and kept going.

Caudill said, "The next week, I was fine. I was doing walkovers and the girls were just looking at me. I was like, how do you like me now?"

And that's what her aunt says Mackayla is all about; trying her hardest.

Megan Folk said, "She's an all around great kid. She'll do anything and help anybody."

February 8th in Greenville, she won first place at a cheer competition and earned a ticket to nationals in Pensacola, Florida.

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