GRU celebrates Donate Life Month

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - April is Donate Life Month and GRU helped raise awareness for the cause.

In Augusta close to 1,000 people are on the waiting list for a kidney or pancreas transplant at GRU.

Donors, recipients and doctors came out to support the cause today and tell people it's essential people in the CSRA sign up to be an organ donor.

Alicia Smith donated one of her kidneys to her four-year-old son Reese and says organ donations are a blessing to people who are on the waiting lists.

"You can give someone a new life. Someone whether they're four or whether they're 24 or 44 you can give them the gift of life," she says.

David Coley donated one of his kidneys to a family member and says a donation affects more than just the recipient.

"You might be the person that can donate that organ and change their life, change their family's life and give them a second chance at life," he says.

To become an organ donor you can sign up when you go to get your driver's license or online.

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