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County Attorney encourages attendance at CBS 5 Shred-a-thon


CBS 5 News sat down with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to discuss why, if consumers only go to one Shred-a-thon event this year, it should be on April 14 at International Paper.

"In Arizona, for the longest time, we were running number one or number two in the nation for identity theft," Bill Montgomery said.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is pleased that Arizona now ranks seventh nationally for ID theft, but his goal is to get Arizona out of the top ten. Shredding documents is one of the best ways to make that happen. That's why Montgomery encourages people to take advantage of Shred-a-thons.

"One of the driving factors in why we like to partner with International Paper, is that this whole operation is self-contained," Montgomery said.

At International Paper events, documents are never in transit, like they are with many other Phoenix-area Shred-a-thons.

"It's going to be shredded and processed there at that location, which then can give you confidence that there are not going to be any intermediary steps where anybody else can get access to the information," Montgomery said.

Montgomery's office provides the volunteers for International Paper Shred-a-thons. They know about ID theft and how to help prevent it. All consumers have to do is drive up to the facility and pop their trunk.

"Our volunteers will grab the boxes or bags out of there, if you want the boxes back, we'll give them back to you and then you can be on your way," Montgomery said.

In that way, you know you've taken action and protected yourself.

"Identity theft is one of those crimes where by being diligent in how you take care of your information, you can prevent it from happening, and you can prevent from becoming a victim," Montgomery said.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office and International Paper have been conducting secure Shred-a-thons together for years. They know what they're doing at these events.

Since Arizona is still a major hot bed for ID theft, if you are going to take this important step once this year, you want to make sure your sensitive documents are disposed of property.

See you on April 14.

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