Chemical fire starts in tractor-trailer parked at shopping center

Chemical fire starts in tractor-trailer parked at shopping center

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Hazmat crews are at the scene of a chemical fire in an 18-wheeler parked on Washington Road.

The fire started around 4 p.m. inside a truck parked at Mullins Crossing shopping center, said Columbia County EMA Director Pam Tucker. Early reports are that a wood pallet fell on chlorine and combined with hydrochloric acid to start the fire.

Ross, Marshall's, PetCo, and LaZBoy have been evacuated and parking lots have been blocked off as a precaution. Officials at the scene said wood preservatives in the truck are dangerous if inhaled in close proximity.

Crews from the water utility and roads & bridges department are assisting with damming the drains in the parking lot so that the Columbia County Fire Rescue Haz-Mat Response Team can open the back door of the trailer and heavily attack the fire with water to stop the smoldering.

No one has been injured, Tucker said. Crews will continue to work at the scene to control the fire and vapors until a response team arrives from the Atlanta area.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office and Gold Cross EMS are also on scene.

WFXG has a crew at the scene. Check back for updates.

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