Columbia County cracking down on storm debris

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Columbia County is cracking down on where residents leave storm debris.

Emergency Management Director Pam Tucker said as they've been clearing wreckage from the ice storm, more piles will pop up in parts of the road they shouldn't be.

"We need to stop the problem," Tucker said Monday.

But the Columbia County Sheriff's Office said that over the weekend, an independent worker from out of town was leaving debris in front of the curb after he was done.

"He's doing a good job, but then he's putting it out on the right of way and telling the person he'll be back to get it," Tucker said. "Then he calls the contractor and says you need to pick this up."

Tucker said the same contractor also piled debris in two other areas nearby. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office said the worker didn't get a ticket, just a warning. But officials said it's nothing to take lightly.

"We have a lot of people staying in Columbia County for Masters week and we want to show our best face," Tucker said.

Tucker said you can take debris to the Richmond County Landfill or call the forestry department for a burn permit at 706-556-3962.

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