Deputies still searching for bank robbery suspect

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - The search is still on for a man who robbed Southern bank in Hephzibah on Friday afternoon.

The bank has been robbed twice. Once on October 28th, and then again on March 28th. Deputies say suspects in the first robbery were never caught. Since it happened on the same day 5 months ago some folks who live in the area don't think it's a coincidence.
"Just because we're a small town here, doesn't mean you can come and take advantage of us," said Rhonda Belanger.
Belanger lives just a few minutes away from the Southern Bank and Trust in Hephzibah. When she heard about the second robbery, she immediately became suspicious.  
"I was like here we go again. Our little town. Something is not right. I don't know if they're watching and they know what to do it, or what," Belanger told WFXG.
On Friday afternoon, deputies say a man wearing a black mask, blue gloves, and a black hoodie walked into the bank, jumped over the teller's counter and took cash from the drawer. Deputies said no weapons were seen or reported during the robbery. When the bank was held up back in October two men walked inside, wearing masks and armed with handguns. They demanded money from employees. Those men were never caught and deputies aren't sure if the two crimes are related. Either way, Belanger believes that the small town of Hephzibah is being bullied by criminals.
"it happened twice. Something is not right. They're going to keep doing it because they're getting away with it," Belanger stated.
Belanger thinks the bank should take some extra precautions to make sure their customers and employees are safe.
"Beef up security. Put some armed guards in there. Let these people know that we're not going to take this."
If you have any information on the suspect or the car, give the Richmond County Sheriff's Office a call at 706-821-1080 or the Criminal Investigation Division at 706-821-1020. Callers may remain anonymous.

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