GRU baseball team adopts local boy suffering from a brain tumor

GRU baseball team adopts local boy suffering from a brain tumor

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Christopher Thompson celebrated his ninth birthday Sunday, a day his mother Elisha didn't know if he would see.

"The MRI showed a massive tumor," Elisha Thompson said. "He went into emergency surgery the next day after the MRI." 

Christopher was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor in July 2011. He's had several surgeries and treatments for his tumor since then, and after becoming involved with Make a Wish heard about the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.

The organization partners sports teams with children suffering from brain tumors. Elisha told them about GRU, and the foundation did the rest. 

"They just got with the athletic director, Coach Brian, and he gave it over to the baseball team," she said. "They contacted us, we came out, they met Christopher and it has been great ever since."

Christopher got involved with the jaguars and made a whole new set of friends. He attends every home game and practice he can, and hangs out with the team outside of practice.

"I can tell them what to do here and say we need to do this and that and we can have fun every time," Christopher said.

To help celebrate his birthday, Christopher threw out the first pitch and listened to the team and the crowd sing him "Happy Birthday." But this is just one small part in an experience that helps him, his family and the team.

"It's just a friendship, it's a bonding that they give him hope and encouragement, but I think in return he does the same thing for the team," Elisha Thompson said.

Christopher's favorite part is being able to spend time with his family watching a sport he loves.

"It's fun to come out here," he said. "My family loves it because it's beautiful out here, so we can sit in the sun, so that's the favorite thing to come to the game about."

And for Christopher, it's moments like this that help him feel like a normal 9-year-old.

Christopher's tumor has decreased in size but that doesn't mean his battle is over. To help support him in his fight against his brain tumor visit his Facebook page or donate through his Go Fund Me page.

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