Local girls learn what it takes to become an engineer

Girls from across the CSRA spent their Saturday learning what it takes to be an engineer.  

"Today we leaned that women can be in the engineering field and its not really a nerdy or a men's job," said Labritney Twillie.
"You can make things and relate it to real life. And you can show the boys up and show them that we can do the same thing as them," Jasmine Brown told WFXG.

Twillie and Brown weren't surprised to find out that science, technology, engineering, and math are male dominated careers choices - that didn't stop them from building cars, structures, and robots from scratch.

"We built a car out of a balloon and straws," Twillie said.  

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions teamed up with the Society of Women Engineering for "Introduce a girl to engineering day." Jane Carter is co-chair of the event and she says they're helping young girls broaden their horizons.

"Some of the fun things that they're doing is trying to teach them that they can translate that into an engineering career," Carter said.

And at the same time, letting them know that women in STEM fields, do exist, and they're not alone.  

"I think its great because it gives the girls opportunities. There's a lot of opportunities in a man's world. It just gives them the idea that they can do this," Carter said.

After a day of experiencing these opportunities first hand, Twillie said she's learned a life lesson.

"the stereotypes aren't true and women can do anything. Even though engineering seems like a men's job but women can do it just as good as a man. Maybe even better."

Words spoken from a potential future engineer.