Savannah River Site holds information sessions for the public

The Savannah River Site held its first ever informational session today so the public could get the chance to find out a little bit more about what exactly the Department of Energy does in the area.

"We're living here so why not know what you're environment is," said Marilyn Campbell.

Curiosity led both Campbell and her husband Jerry to the Savannah River Site information session. The couple admits they've been living in the area for 9 years and had no idea what the Department of Energy was doing in Aiken. She was even more surprised to find out the site was 310 square miles.

"Absolutely nothing. I thought it was a little building back in the woods somewhere. I did not know anything and I was shocked to hear how large it is," said Campbell.
"We moved here about 9 years ago we absolutely didn't know anything about Aiken," said her husband Jerry.

Teresa Haas, Director of Government and Community Relations says the Campbell's are an example of why they decided to open up to the public.

"We think it's important that they understand our operations and our missions and we want them to be supportive of the site for what we do now and in the future," Haas told WFXG.

After a few presentations from SRS employees, the couple is going home with a better comprehension of waste, soil and groundwater cleanup, and nuclear material management.

"I learned a lot about the storage of waste," Jerry Campbell said.

"I have a whole new understanding and appreciation of what really is going on around me," Marilyn Campbell told WFXG.

If you would like to learn more about the Savannah River Site, visit their website.