Aiken still cleaning up after ice storm

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Officials in Aiken predict six to eight more weeks of ice storm cleanup, but said Thursday they're making progress.

85,000 cubic yards of debris have been dropped off at three sites, located on Powederhouse Road, East Pine Log and Citizens Park.

"If you go through annual reports, you'll see that's the average of what we pick up every year," Solid Waste Department Supervisor Sarah Herring said.

Still, Herring said they've got about 90 percent of the debris picked up.

"Twenty people working for the city of Aiken are working on this daily," he said. "We also have mutual aid from the city of Greenville and five other cities helping us out."

Herring said now they're getting ready to pick up more debris in the city and Aikenites can help them out by being ready.

"We have made one trip around but we have to go back again," he said. "On that second pass, if they'll put things more together, that will make it easier for us to get it. One thing that would help is if people make one pile and not six or eight"

Herring is hopeful their second trip will start the week of April 6.

The drop-off location for debris at Citizens Park is still open. East Pine Log at Centennial Drive has closed. For more information, head to

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