High 5 4 Kids: Joseph "LJ" Williams III

High 5 4 Kids: Joseph "LJ" Williams III

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Joseph LJ Williams III isn't your average teenager. The 17-year-old is a renaissance man in his own right. He sings, raps and designs his own clothes.

"It just comes. I think about it at first," Williams said. "I look at a shirt or a sweater I get and I think about it, 'Do I want to Clorox this one, try to make it into a design, or do I want to spray paint something on it?'"

In fact, the very pants he wore for our interview on Wednesday were designed by none other than LJ himself.

"I get a couple of compliments from people. They ask me, especially at school, they ask me where do you get those clothes?" Williams said. "They think I bought it from somewhere. So I know it looks good."

If that isn't dynamic enough, LJ stars in "My Three Sons," a locally produced television show alongside his relatives.

"I think his actions speak louder than anything," said Micah Oliver, LJ's brother. "The kid is rapping. He's modeling. He's a fashion statement, and he's not afraid to do it."

LJ is a full time student at Aiken Performing Arts Academy and has a full plate, but when he's not creating things he does have a normal life.

"I chill with my homies," Williams laughed. "We go to the mall and the movies. We do like regular stuff, 17-year-old stuff."

And despite all the accolades and accomplishments, LJ wants other young people his age to know one important thing about him.

"I'm trying to be myself so it would rub off on somebody else. So they will be themselves, so that they can be anything they want to be in life," Williams said.

LJ said his biggest inspiration comes from his parents and his brothers. He also plans to launch a clothing line soon and new episodes of "My 3 Sons" will start airing in April.

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