Columbia County BOE adding more teaching jobs

Columbia County BOE adding more teaching jobs

The Columbia County Board of Education voted to add more than 50 teaching jobs within the next few months.

"When we moved here three years ago, we knew it was growing," said Emily Burgner, a mother of four.

Burgner didn't expect the area to grow as much and as fast as it did. She said she doesn't think the school board anticipated the increase in students either.

"They experienced even more growth than they thought right away and had to bring in new teachers that first year," Burgner said.

Dr. Sandra Carraway, Columbia County's superintendent of schools, said with the expansion of Fort Gordon, they are expecting to grow at even larger rates than before.

"So we're adding definitely 33 new teachers, and that's based on class sizes and growth that we already have for the coming year," Carraway said.

If their budget is approved for the next school year, they'll be adding up to 55 new teachers, not only to accommodate the growth in the area but to alleviate some of the pressure on the larger classrooms.

"If we can reduce class sizes in 1st, 4th and 5th grade specifically, teachers will be very thankful and we know that children in smaller classes get more individualized attention and that's better for them academically," Carraway said.

Burgner praises the school board for their decision.

"I think its great. I think it'll be a great to reduce class size," she said. "I know my girls have a lot of kids in each of their classes. They have nearly 30."

Dr. Carroway said once the governor signs the budget, they'll have the green light to start hiring the teachers.