Richmond Co. school board won't renew superintendent's contract

Dr. Frank Roberson's career as Richmond County Superintendent is coming to an end, and school board members are refusing to answer questions about how they came to that decision.

We tried to get a response from School Board President Venus Cain after the meeting, but she walked away, not saying a word.

The decision comes after nearly two hours of a closed executive session of school board members that did not include the superintendent.

A few hours before the session, we interviewed a more cheerful and optimistic superintendent.

"My energy and motivation is as great as it was when I first came here," Roberson said. "There's much work to be done and I'm motivated by that."

But that motivation was not enough to keep his job.

The motion to find a new superintendent to replace Roberson passed with a 8-1 vote. 

Still, Roberson touched on a key component that even the next superintendent will probably focus some attention.

"I think monitoring the individual progress of students consistently and having that done by the school leader - the principal being the primary academic leader in the school - that area we could probably look at improving," Roberson said.

The school board has until Aug. 22 to find a replacement for Roberson.

A nationwide search for a new superintendent has been initiated.

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