Pollen season is here

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With warmer weather comes allergies.

"Allergies are body reacting to outside invaders. It's basically mounting an attack on something that is trying to invade your body," said Dr. Alan Johnson, an otolaryngologist at Augusta Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

And with allergies comes, "eyes start to water, nose starts to run and the sneezing starts," Johnson said.

And there is a simple explanation for why this occurs.

"It's supposed to be a protective mechanism to protect us from things that might harm us but sometimes the protection gets overwhelmed and it becomes more of a problem in itself, rather than really helping you," said Johnson.

Pollen is very active in our immune system, according to Dr. Johnson. He said when it hits our nose, and our throat and our lungs, it triggers a real quick reaction.

"Sometimes violent and of course some people are more susceptible to different pollens more than others."

But the solution could be something as simple as visiting your nearest pharmacy.

"Benadryl, which is a good antihistamine. If it has antihistamine on it it will probably be helpful. There are some other over the counter ones: loratadine, which goes by the name of claritin and zyrtec and allegra are the popular ones."

Dr. Johnson suggests seeing a physician if over the counter drugs do not work.

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