Tornadoes are possible with warmer weather

"Within the last 11 years, half of all the tornadoes that have ever occurred in this county have occurred," said Pam Tucker, Columbia County Emergency Management Director.

So it's quite possible we can experience more right here in the CSRA as we approach severe weather season.

"I've never seen a tornado where there was not a severe thunderstorm first," Tucker said. "You're going to have that severe thunderstorm for a tornado to be spawn."

And it's important to pay attention.

"Tornado watch means conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes and a tornado warning means that one is occurring," said Tucker.

Just because a tornado is in one area, doesn't exactly mean you are no longer in danger.

"It may be on the other side of the county but it does not mean that same that same storm can't spawn a second tornado," said Tucker. "If it's a very violent storm than that can occur happen."

And there are a few places you may want to avoid under a warning or a watch.

"If you're in a mobile home, you probably want to get out. If you're in a vehicle, you probably don't want to be in a vehicle in those kinds of wins," said Tucker.

Tucker also said to take shelter immediately; either a basement or the bottom floor of a building and under a hard surface that will protect you from the debris that may fall.

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