Local repair shop uses cars to help save lives

Local repair shop uses cars to help save lives

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - C&C Automotive held its 17th Annual Car Care Day on Saturday.

Any other day, the shop is a regular car repair shop, but once a year, they open their doors to the public.

"They bring the community in to see basically rolling pieces of history. Cars that we grew up with," said Robin Petry.

Today the C&C Automotive was a family fun center where kids could get their face painted and play on a bouncy house. Adults indulged in the history of antique vehicles and marveled at one of Jeff Gordon's race cars and anyone who was qualified could donate blood.

"The main reason we do it is because of the giving blood because we figure when you give blood you save three local lives and we think that's huge," Aaron Clements told WFXG.

Clements believes old cars and blood drives go hand in hand.

"We know that car accidents are a large part of why people need blood. So we have for many years tried to do things to help increase the blood donation. That's very close to our heart," said Clements.

Petry, a member of the Georgia and South Carolina car club, came mostly for the antique cars.

"They were pieces of art in the automotive history world," Petry said.

She said it's an exciting way to be supportive of local people in need.

"Let's have fun, but let's support our community so to me we can go donate blood while we're out having fun is a win-win."

Click here if you're interested in donating blood to help local blood drives.

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