National Flood Awareness Week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The last major flood Augusta experienced  was in the 1990s, but the Mie Lucas at Richmond County EMA says the CSRA always keeps an eye on weather and refers to its flood plan.

"We're monitoring around the creeks and areas we know have flooded in the past. We have flood maps," Lucas said. "We always monitor the weather conditions and if we see a storm is producing flooding or bad weather we monitor those to see what our expectation is." 

Lucas says the most important thing people can do during a flood is avoid standing water.

"I actually looked up a statistic. Eighty five people died last year from floods, and over half of those were because people drove through flood waters," she said.

And just because it's water, doesn't mean it's any less dangerous to drive through.

"People think it's okay. 'Oh well I've driven through that water before,' or you know, 'When we had the ice, I was able to handle the ice, so I can handle this water. It's not a big deal.' It is a big deal," she said.

She also recommends people buy flood insurance, especially if you live near areas that commonly flood.

"If you live in a flood zone, in a known flood area, it's important to have that coverage so you can begin to rebuild after the flood," she said.

If you see the water near your house start to rise, Lucas says get out as soon as you can.

"Don't stay there if it's flooding. If your yard is flooding, if its coming into your home, leave your home. Don't think that it's safe to stay," she said.

The most important thing is to have a safety plan to evacuate in case the waters start to rise.

For more information on flood safety visit the National Weather Service's website or on the Augusta Richmond County EMA website.

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