Waynesboro shooting surprises neighbors

Waynesboro shooting surprises neighbors

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - "Mrs. C", a Waynesboro resident, lives less than half a mile from the warehouse where early Sunday morning  four people were shot at a party.

"I was shocked because it's not a bad area. We live here, we come and go everyday all day," she says. 

Three people are still in the hospital today after suffering injuries from the shooting. Darius Smith, 21, Rokeisha Graham, 17, Bromekis Donnie, 18, are still at GRU. Shequan Hines, 19, and Brandon Harold, 17, were also treated for injuries, but were released Sunday.

Mrs. C says it's normal for people to have parties in the warehouse, and she can even hear the music from her house.

"They do have parties or get togethers but it's nothing that's going to interfere with anything in this neighborhood where we are afraid," she says.

While this is an upsetting situation, she believes it's also a learning experience for the community.

"I'm sorry it happened, I'm sorry these young kids got hurt, but it's just, to me it's a lesson learned. Be careful if you see something that's not right, if you have some type of intuition, stay away from it," she stresses.

The shooting does not make her feel any less safe, however.

"Am I afraid? Not in the least," she says confidently.

Police are still searching for the shooter and ask anyone with information to call either the Burke County Sheriff's Office at 706-554-2133 or the GBI Office at 706-595-2575.

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