High 5 4 Kids: Re'Ana Hall

High 54 Kids: Re'Ana Hall

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Her name is Re'Ana Hall. She's in 7th grade at Stallings Island Middle School. She went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy, had her leg amputated and had to get a new heart. But she's all smiles.

Through all of her trials, she went to school as much as she could, and dreams one day of becoming a doctor.

"It was times I didn't feel good," said Hall. "Times I was happy. But I was just feeling sick. Times I just didn't want to wake up and eat."

It's hard to imagine Re'Ana Hall is just in middle school; she's already faced a mountain of challenges most of us are fortunate enough not to ever experience in an entire lifetime.

It began in fifth grade with what Re'Ana and her mom believed was a sprained ankle.

"Two weeks went by and my ankle still was hurting, so she took me to my pediatrician," explained Hall.

Eventually, doctors figured out it was something called osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer.

The treatment was aggressive - surgeons amputated her right leg, and she began a rigorous course of chemotherapy.

"I looked and I was like, 'No, I don't want to go through this,'" Hall said. "But I did - and I kept a smile on my face."

If that wasn't enough for this young lady, doctors eventually found her cancer treatment had damaged her heart.

She was able to quickly get on a transplant list, and six months later, here she is, looking good as new.

"They came in my room at 5 a.m. in the morning, and they said, 'We have a donor. We have you a new heart!' And me and my mom were like, 'What!?'"

Despite the setbacks, Re'Ana continued her studies through a homebound program and also got some great tutoring assistance from Sylvan Learning.

"She's had so many hurdles in her life," said Misty Gleason. "And you wouldn't know it, because she does everything she can to stay right on track."

Her tutors say she's kept a smile on her face the whole time.

"She's working on building those gaps that she missed, doing her best job and keeping an incredibly positive attitude," Gleason said.

She certainly had a positive attitude today. Not shy at all in front of the camera, she showed off her prosthetic leg her elementary school helped raise funds for.

As she moves to the next chapter of her life, Re'Ana says she hopes to be an OB/GYN specialist.

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