Augusta-Richmond Co. to have historic race

Augusta-Richmond Co. to have historic race

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Their reasons may be different, but they are all vying for the same spot, the head honcho of them all, mayor of Augusta.

"I am running for mayor to help unite Augusta together," said Helen Blocker-Adams, who previously ran for mayor in 2005.

"This is a natural progression, now, to run for mayor, to move up the ladder, if you will. Having that experience," said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

"I've decided that Augusta cannot wait another four years to receive and to see the same aspects of this type of government," Dr. Lori Myles said.

Each candidate has different goals.

"Getting our dilapidated houses out of the way and cleaning up this Garden City is first and foremost," Mason said.

"We have a lot of children growing up in this community that we want to be able to want to live and work and play here when they get older but right now there are limited things for them to do," Blocker-Adams said.

Some candidates are running on experience, while others feel being on the outside gives them a leg up.

"The other candidates better get ready to find out, to run on your experience would be a negative because that means you are the reason that Augusta is in the state that it is," Myles said.

Regardless of who wins however, the race is historic. Augusta-Richmond County will elect its first black mayor since the consolidation in 1996. But some of the candidates say that doesn't matter.

"I'm really blessed and honored to be in the running for this historic occasion, but my thing is, what's going to be historic, for Augusta, is when we create jobs, jobs, jobs. I can't say that enough," said Blocker-Adams.

"Being the first black this or first black that is really not relevant as far as I'm concerned. What I am concerned about is that we don't repeat history and that we learn from history," Mason said.

There are two other candidates in the race Charles Cummings and Hardie Davis. They both were out of town but we will make sure you hear from them as well.

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