Hotels in Augusta prepare for the Masters

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Phones have been ringing non-stop as people book rooms for Masters week.

Kristin Shull works at the Microtel Inn and Suites off Riverwatch Parkway and says they started getting calls as early as two months ago.

"Typically Masters week you start seeing them a month to two months in advance, you also see the people coming for badges starting about three weeks ahead of time," she says.

And hotels like the Microtel are making changes to adjust for the large crowds.

"We've hired a few extra staff, we've put the finishing touches on our crown, make sure the paint's done, flowers look perfect, and every thing's ready for Masters," Shull says.

Prices for hotel rooms also increase during that week with some places doubling and even tripling normal rates. If you want to try and find a hotel room, you better act fast.

"I think we have seven nights available, seven separate nights available. That's all we have left for Masters week already," Shull says as she punches through the computer.

And as April gets closer, Shull says the team is ready.

"We're going to be doing full service, you know do anything and everything Augusta requires of us," she says with a smile.

Shull says if people are still looking for rooms they should try travel websites and even Craigslist to see if people are renting out their house for the tournament.

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