Attorney pushes for rape trial one year later

Attorney pushes for rape trial, one year later

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Attorney Chris Stewart's message is loud and clear.

"We're still talking to people litigating the case, we're going to keep pushing this case until it's before 12 people of this community, so they can see the truth of what happened," Stewart said.

Stewart represents a woman who claims she was raped in a dorm at Paine College last year.

"The biggest thing my client wants is to make sure all of the other students are safe," Stewart said.

Deputies arrested then 19-year-old Jarius Dantzler for allegedly raping the student, identified only as Jane Doe, in the bathroom of Graham Hall, an all-girl dormitory on campus. Shortly after, the college transitioned it's safety department into a full police force.

"Paine College has made a statement that the assailant got into the door by tampering with it and things of that nature, and puts blames on the students and saying it's the culture of the students doing different things with the doors," Stewart said.

WFXG tried to contact the school multiple times for a comment but they have not returned our calls. Still, Stewart remains he will push until his client is granted a trial.

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