New book showcases Augusta celebrities

New book showcases Augusta celebrities

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Singer Flo Carter knew she was being featured in a new book, but she had no idea she had made the cover.

"To be on the cover of that book, it was a shock to me," she says with a smile.

And she's just one of the people in the new book Legendary Locals of Augusta. The book highlights people who have made an impact in a variety of areas including sports, entertainment and politics.

Author Don Rhodes says he just wanted to show off the talent Augusta has to offer.

"It was great to shine light on all of the wonderful people who come out of this town," he says.

Carter has been singing for over 50 years and got her start in Augusta performing on television. And she's still performing today.

"We're still at it, we're still enjoying life, we're still singing god's music and having a ball," Carter says.

Rhodes says the support from the public and from the people in the book is what makes the writing worth it.

"You know you're just happy to, that you got to do something that made someone else happy," he says smiling.

Carter says the book will show people just how famous the city really is.

"This is a famous city! It really is for the things those people have done, anytime we think this is a sleepy old town, it's not. This is a rockin old town," she exclaims proudly.

And when she read the book, Carter says she couldn't be happier.

"It's just been a wonderful, wonderful life," she says.

The book will be in stores soon and Rhodes will be doing more signings across the CSRA.

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