Multiple CSRA counties to receive federal funding for storm damage

Multiple CSRA counties to receive federal funding for storm damage

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Last night President Obama signed the disaster declaration making Augusta eligible for public assistance to help with the damage from the ice storm we had a few weeks ago.

Pamela Tucker, Columbia County Emergency and Operations director, says the damage amount is extremely costly.

"This total disaster is probably going to be in the ballpark of five to six million dollars cost in public damage," she says.

But with the approval to receive federal aid, the cost drops significantly.

"It'll cost the county roughly $700,000 dollars," Tucker says.

Columbia county is just one of the counties to receive federal aid which will help reimburse for storm equipment, public employees, and debris clean up. Other counties include Richmond, Burke, and McDuffie.

"With a five million dollar tabulation on debris removal, you know that's huge. So that is a direct benefit to the citizens and of course it's a direct benefit to the county that we're going to get reimbursed for that," says Tucker.

After a lengthy process of filing paperwork and inspections of the storm damage, Tucker is glad the county is getting help.

"We're very grateful they saw the need and agreed with us and that the need for our citizens to help us restore, help us get back to normal," she says.

Tucker says everyone needs to have all ice storm related debris out to the curb for pick up by March 17th and they hope to have all the debris cleaned up by April 5th.

So far more than 240,000 cubic yards of debris have been picked up in Columbia county.

This weekend crews will be picking up debris along Old Petersburg Road, The Pass, Belair Road, Evans to Locks Road and Fury's Ferry Road so use extra caution driving through these areas.

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