Drug arrests on the rise in Harlem

HARLEM, GA (WFXG) - In recent months, Harlem's Department of Public safety has seen an increase in drug arrests and the police chief wants everyone to know that the increase is because officers are doing their job right.

"There's drugs in every American city and there certainly is in Harlem as it is anywhere," said Gary Jones, Harlem Police Chief.

Jones said they've seen a rise in drug activity in the past few months but it's not because Harlem has a drug problem.

"As a result of that training, more observation and techniques and so forth being used, we're able to make more traffic arrests relating to drug activities."

Chief Jones says about 80 % of the arrests they've made relating to drugs are from people traveling through the Harlem's main roads. Early Thursday morning, public safety officers stopped a vehicle and found 12 grams of methamphetamine in a suspect's car.

"There is a lot more activity but its because we're training to look for that activity."

Jones is going on his 10th month has police chief and the city is already seeing a decline in crime. He said they still have work to do.

"We certainly have accomplished some things, but the main goal will always be to continue to enforce all laws and we will continue to aggressively enforce anyone that's dealing in drugs and any laws that they violate."

The Harlem Department of Public Safety launched its Cellular Officer Program earlier in the week. This program is set to encourage Harlem residents to get involved in the fight against crime. As of now, 12 people have signed up to participate. If you're interested in joining, call the Harlem Department of Public safety at (706) 556-6262.