Local men run 300 miles for wounded warriors

Local men run 300 miles for wounded warriors

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Six men spent their weekend running from one side of the Peach State to the other, to help raise money for wounded warriors.

They ran about 300 miles in only 4 days. The runners admitted that it got challenging at times, but no distance is too far for our veterans.

"It's a tough road to recovery for those guys and transitioning back into civilian life and all that when their duty is over," said Jimmy Brannen.

Brannen is a 3rd grade teacher in Millen, but for the last four days he's been teaching a different kind of lesson outside of school. Brannen said he wants to bring awareness to our wounded warriors.

"You know, the folks that go out and serve and get injured in combat, I don't think they get the recognition they deserve," Brannen told WFXG.

Brannen along with five other runners started their relay across the Peach State on Thursday. The men took turns running 3 miles a piece , each person ran up to 18 miles per day. This is the second year Ray Miller organized the Fort Benning to Fort Gordon relay.

"Our main goal is to raise awareness and to make sure that we don't forget those service men and women fighting for us day and night," said Miller

Miller hopes that their cross state journey will bring more recognition to the challenges soldiers face when they get back from war.

"They could have been firemen or car salesmen but they chose to be in the army. They chose to protect the freedoms that you and I enjoy everyday so a lot of them are getting wounded and coming home with injures so we feel like we can't do enough. This is just a small token," Miller said.

Now that the long run is over, Brannen will return to his 3rd grade class with a great story for his students and even a greater sense of appreciation for our veterans.

"We just love to say thank you again to the veterans and the folks that are going through rehab and going through what they do to get back into regular and everyday life," Brannen said.

They're still taking donations for the wounded warrior project and the fisher house. Visit their Facebook page to find out how you can donate.