The Cinderella Project helps prom dreams come true

The Cinderella Project helps prom dreams come true

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Since fairy godmothers aren't real, the South Carolina Bar Association took it upon themselves to make prom dreams come true by giving local girls dresses and accessories, free of charge.

"I think it helps everybody because some people aren't able to buy dresses and when they come to this, they'll have a dress to wear to prom," said Brittany Hale.

High school senior Hale traveled all the way from Lexington to Aiken, to get a dress for her last prom.

"My parents took the day off just to come here, I feel good about it," Hale told WFXG.

For 8 years, the Maxwell Law Firm has been collecting gowns, shoes, jewelry, and make-up so girls across the CSRA can experience one of the biggest moments in high school, regardless of their financial situations.

"It's really nice because some people cant afford it," said a South Aiken High student.

"Oh I love it! its very easy for me because I can save my money for other things," Hale said.

High school girls spent the majority of Saturday morning, searching high and low for the perfect look.

"I didn't really know what I wanted so I went with the black and white. I didn't want anything too flashy," said one student.

After two hours, Christy Tyner, an associate at the firm said over 60 girls were able to say yes to the dress.

"It's just so exciting because you can tell they find the perfect dress, they're grinning from ear to ear, they don't want to take it off and just to see that excitement in a young girl. It's amazing. It warms your heart," Tyner said.

Hale says she's really excited about prom, but she's even more thankful for the people who made it happen.

"I just want to say thank you and I appreciate everything that you've done to let us have these special dresses for our special day," said Hale.

If you have a gown that you would like to donate, the Maxwell Law Firms accepts donations year round. You can reach them at 803-641-6700 or at their Aiken location 225 Chesterfield Street, NW, Aiken, SC 29801.